As crime rates in the United States and abroad crime and criminals become exceedingly sophisticated, as they, more often than ever, target businessmen, powerful political figures, movie stars of obsession, companies & firms, executives and other VIP. Their objective can be as simple as receiving a ransom, revenge, to disrupt political balance, rob, make a name for themselves, or other reasons that can quickly place the person of interest in harms way or even get them killed.
That’s why in today’s world, VIP Protection Specialists are needed to ensure and even guarantee the safety of those most likely to be in harms way and under threat in locations all over the world. The Israeli Defense Forces have the reputation & the experience of training special units, from Commando to SWAT, in specialty skills including Anti-terrorism and VIP Protection.

VIP Introduction

While there are many attacks upon key persons of interest in many countries, those with unstable governments, political unrest, and imbalances of wealth receive the most assaults by expert assassins. Because of these key reasons, the IKMF training for VIP Protection is incredibly in depth, and covers all the bases necessary and more to help these guardians protect not only their clients, but themselves as well. We’ll go over some of the details below:

Political motive

In Principe the opposition group that wants to be in power or rule the country is politically motivated. From Mr. Gandhi (1869 – 1948) till Mr. Rafik Haariri (1956-2007) we have seen a series of assassinations which will continue so long as there are people who will go to any length to get what they want from others at their expense.

Personal motive

Due to illness, special circumstances, ego problems, or just hate we see violence incidents accrue in throughout the streets that can happen to any individual regardless of status. It is however key to protect those most likely to be targeted by such people, the well known, wealthy, and those in political stations.
The common VIP security system is usually based on the idea of Protection Circles. What the Head of Security usually does is he places three “Protection Circles” around the VIP – Distant, Median and Close. The Distant Circle is usually the easiest to penetrate and its purpose is mostly for deterring. This circle usually consists of law enforcement personnel that scan the crowd, looking for known suspects. The Median Circle’s purpose is to reject unauthorized persons from reaching the Close Circle. The outcome of utilizing the Median Circle is that it creates a “Sterile Zone” between itself and the Close Circle.
The Close Circle is final defense before imminent danger to the VIP. When someone breaches both the Distant and Median Circles, there has been a failure to actively protect this person of interest. Should anyone breach the first two lines of defense and reach the Close Circle, they are to be dealt with as hostile. This Circle is constructed from the VIP’s Bodyguards, whose job is to protect the VIP at any cost (while political figures generally have all three lines of defense, it is common for private security forces to only have the close or inner circle of guards). While the Distant and Median Circles are used for deterrence and will repel the hostile person from the VIP, usually by use of technology (Security cameras, metal detectors etc) – the Close Circle will deal with any person who violates this space by immediately protecting the VIP from physical danger and then separating him/her as quickly as possible from the individual(s) who broke the first ranks in order to bring them to safety. This is most commonly done with physical force and with less technology.
The main problem with VIP protection is that the person of interest to be protected still wants maximum exposure without losing the protection that could be much more easily obtained via a smaller footprint and less publicity. For VIP protection, this is a nightmare, because maximum exposure contradicts the purpose of maximum security. The easiest way to protect a VIP is to lock him up in a safe house, with no-one coming in – For a person who thrives on public exposure, this idea does not serve his needs.

How do we resolve this contradiction?

By allowing more people to come through the Distant and Median Circles and tightening the Close Circle, thus relying almost completely on the Bodyguards to stop any intrusion. Because of the close range and the short reaction time allowed, the main tool of protection in this situation is Krav Maga.